Tapco Intrafuse SKS Stock

tapco intrafuse sks tactical stock

Dark Earth color seen here. Click for more.

This stock offers the desired tactical look and feel, but also unique in that it you can keep your bayonet installed, unlike other tactical SKS stocks.  The stock has a cut slit so that there is no interference.

hzC7UMake full use of any SKS rifle with this tactical stock, updated for the modern day.  No modification to the rifle required.  Simple drop and shoot.  Its time to bring your antique SKS into the contemporary with the Intrafuse SKS Stock System!

This SKS stock provides you with a 6 position adjustable T6 stock,  so it will certainly suit any type of sized shooting, a SAW Style Handgun Hold for better convenience and command, and an advantage guard rail for including add-ons. This variation also comes with a break in the physical body that will accept a blade bayonet.  This SKS  intrafuse tactical works on the majority of SKS models and is made from the highest toughness composite. So, if your prepared to leave your original wood stock in a museum someplace and change your SKS in to a 21st century planned tool, consider the SKS intrafuse tactical stock.

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