Making the SKS Tactical

31xkuv0HZZLThe main purpose behind any tactical rifle is to put function over form. Over time, the tactical look became something that was sought after, and rightfully so. Not only do tactical accessories provided added practicality, but also the “cool” tactical look. The SKS battle rifle has been around for a long time and has proven itself to be a formidable gun in any environment, stock from the factory. But why stop there when this marvelous rifle can be improved even more?

When making your SKS tactical, there are a number of paths you can go down. The biggest change most people do when making their SKS tactical, is changing out the wood stock. Some people do this just so that they can preserve the original wooden stock and not risk damaging it every time they want shooting, so to them an aftermarket stock is used just as a throwaway. The biggest improvements of an aftermarket tactical SKS stock are the improved ergonomics, reduced-weight, and extra rails for scopes and other accessories.


Synthetic Stock with Reflex right dot sight and vertical foregrip.

Identify your need

1.) Close quarter combat

For close quarters, a red dot sight is what you’ll want to use for quick target acquisition. Make sure to choose one with a wide eye relief. Red dots provide much quicker target acquisition time than iron sights. Red dot sights also allow you to keep both eyes open, retaining your depth perception, which is important for judging distance. This is also where laser and flashlight accessories come in handy. For improved handling of the SKS, you should also have a vertical foregrip or an angled foregrip.

2.) medium range shooting (standing)

Going down this path means that you will want to have a 3x zoom scope or above, and also a a comfortable and stable foregrip. I personally prefer angled foregrips at medium range.

3.) Sniper (prone)

A little bit of a misnomer, the 7.62×39 wont reach out too far anyway, however, to make the most of its medium range sniping capabilities, you’ll need a x3 scope or above and a bipod to lay the rifle on. In this situation, you wont need a folding or sliding stock, however many find it convenient. Others prefer a simplified, more rigid one piece SKS stock for this application.



Can I go tactical without changing my wooden stock?

Of course!

Leapers UTG Sells a forearm quad rail system that will work with your wooden stock, without having to remove your bayonet like many of the other synthetics SKS stocks require.